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Our Story

  • Dupler Office is both an achievement of a life-long dream, and the beginning of a new opportunity. As twin brothers who have always aspired to let our ‘identically different’ strengths complement each other professionally as well as personally, Dupler Office is the culmination of a dream. Our passion is to create great places for people to work, heal and learn.

    Dupler Office


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Dupler Office is a full-service contract office furniture dealer, giving you access to a wide range of office furnishings from the industry's leading manufacturers.


We create places that enable and inspire workers to achieve their personal best. Every space has a purpose, and we want your design to meet the demands of healthful, professional growth.


Everyone who works in your space has valuable opinions on how it should look, function and feel. So we listen. We work with you to understand your goals, explain options, and answer your questions.


Dupler Office strives to offer the most earth-friendly manufacturers, suppliers, and products for your workspace. As Central Ohio's best resource, you can be sure we will always stay at the front of green technology.

Work and life balance

Fun. We love to interject fun into our work life. It is even more fun when our clients participate! We built our business on the core philosophy of people, process and place. As we continue to weave these values and grow Dupler Office, we focus on the fact that we must have fun while working this hard. Ask around, and I will think you will find that we seem to know how to have a little fun now and then!

It's what we want to do for you

Inspire. Our attitude of constructive discontent, our commitment to exceptional customer service, our belief that design really does matter, and our promise to do what we say we will do are more than the values that ensure a successful experience for you. They make our journey more rewarding and more fulfilling, too. We look forward to inspiring you and your associates, as well as ourselves and our own team, to accomplish great things together.

Achieving amazing results

Approach. We believe in a dynamic approach to business. Our attitude of constructive discontent drives us to constantly challenge the status quo and find a better way of doing what we do each day. We live in a fast-paced environment that fosters creativity and enables our team to produce outstanding results.

Beyond Walls


Our People

  • People. Our people are at the core of our business. Our focus on people starts with our families, evolves into our work family and encompasses our clients and friends to work together to build great solutions. With people at the center of our universe, doing the right thing is not an option, it is the expected. What we say we will do, we simply do, Period.

    Dupler Office



Living the dream

Favorite Quote:
'Always take time to sharpen your axe.'

Doug Burton
evp business development



Subversive suburbanite

Favorite Quote:
'Don't bite your friends'

Carleen Calcaterra
project coordinator



Fotog savvy

Favorite quote:
'Less is more'

Alicia Danforth
director of design



Marathon runner

Favorite quote:
'If you risk nothing, then you risk everything'

Brandon Dupler




Sassie swimmer

Favorite quote:
'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'

Carrie Dupler



Hugs and prayers

Favorite quote:
'Wishing you love & prayers'

Donna Dupler



Weekend chef

Favorite quote:
'It takes a village'

Randy Dupler



Maddie's dad

Favorite quote:
'Boy, these pretzels are makin' me thirsty'

Pete Feasel
account manager




Master gardener

Favorite quote:
'Actions speak louder than words'

Ron Geese
business development consultant



Fabric fanatic

Favorite quote:
'never say never.'

Angie Green
senior interior designer



Full figure model

Favorite Quote:
'A grateful heart knows many joy'

Barbie A. Pallo
chief of staff



Mark maker

Favorite quote:
'Give peace a chance'

Melissa Peace
interior designer




Busy body

Favorite quote:
'no matter where you go, there you are'

Brittany Ross
senior interior designer



Locally grown

Favorite quote:
'It’s never too late to be what you might have been'

Amanda Shaw
interior designer



Varsity O

Favorite quote:
'Be a leader, not a follower'

Wes Siegenthaler
evp business development



Household ceo

Favorite quote:
'Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.'

Debbie Zwick
Marketing Guru


Teamwork is everything

Combined years of Experience

Furniture Manufacturers

Our single focus is service

Passionate people here for you


Our Approach

  • Collaboration. We believe the root of success in our business is communication and the ability to assemble the right team to meet our client's needs. As we build our families, villages and communities, we at Dupler Office build a rock solid team around our client engagements each and every time.

    Dupler Office

We deliver each order through phases, guided by a step-by-step process that makes sure every detail is buttoned up. Every order includes:


Phase 1 - Planning and Design

We consider your functional and aesthetic needs by using the most advanced design tools in the industry to generate drawings and specifications.

Phase 2 - Order Assurance

Confirmation and tracking of all manufacturer acknowledgements and ship dates to guarantee everything arrives as planned.

Phase 3 - Pre-installation Planning

We coordinate with your Construction Manager to fit the furniture installation into the overall construction timeline, avoiding delays and suprises.

Phase 4 - Professional Installation

Receiving and processing of product, including storage until the installation date. Offloading, staging, and installation per the design plans.

Phase 5 - Post-Installation Audit Services

We're committed to your satisfaction by providing complete quality inspections, and timely resolution of any issues or concerns

Phase 6 - Post-Occupancy Services

To fully enjoy your new space, we offer hands-on training on seating and adjustments and general product maintenance, as well as custom programs for ongoing reconfiguration services and continued product maintenance.

  • Start to Finish project management and creativity is what drives us to succeed

    Alicia Danforth
    Alicia Danforth , Dupler Office
  • Building relationships is about uncovering our clients needs.

    Wes Siegenthaler
    Wes Siegenthaler , Dupler Office
  • Our team is incredibly talented, and makes my role at Dupler so rewarding

    Randy Dupler
    Randy Dupler , Dupler Office


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